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Our Team

Trinity Place Shelter is a team comprised of full- and part-time staff members along with our board of directors. We’re grateful to have a large number of [link to Volunteer page:] volunteers, whom we are lucky to rely upon to for much of what we provide.

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Our Staff

Wendy Kaplan, DIRECTOR


Our Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Rev. Heidi Neumark
Executive Director

Dan Spinello
Board Chair & Volunteer Coordinator

Lydie Raschka
Outreach Coordinator

Anne Fry


Karin Graddy

Daniel Calder
Board Member

Dave Castleman
Board Member

Chris Crouch
Board Member

Erica Eaton
Board Member

Nicholas Forge
Board Member

David McMahon
Board Member

Karina Mueller
Board Member

Marissa Ram
Board Member  

Teresa Theophano
Board Member